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By Eduardo Vega

In nature

the carcass decays slowly, over time

each day inviting new creatures

to pick at the remnants of what was once vibrant

The ‘02 Ford Escort was abandoned

at the Church’s Chicken at the corner of

Culebra and San Felipe

on a Monday afternoon

The first scavengers arrived that night

or maybe Tuesday morning

ate all four wheels


the hood was up

the car was down

one battery


wires and hoses sprang from inside the car

no longer tethers to larger parts needed

for another carcacha in the community


the car woke up without seats

they now adorn the front porch

of a house on San Joaquin


ants appeared

carried off bits and pieces

wires and fuses

one headlight


the vultures rested

or were tired

or’d had their fill


a crane appeared

cradled the Escort bones onto a flatbed

It was over

or it started over somewhere else

the circle of life in the barrio

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