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Epitome and Epistolary

By Lily Rose Kosmicki

Dear reader
I rub soap in my eye
The epitome of elements
that aren’t made for each other

Dear reader
I can’t always sleep the same way

Dear reader
At different angles, we cast out
Stone carved smooth as fish skin
Agate obsidian
Wings and lace in stone,
Insects light on water

Dear reader
We can pray and offer

Dear reader
it is all the reverence of taking
Fur and feather mixed together
A backward gaze of recognition
Everything wet and glowing
These hard winters

Dear reader
Star crossed lovers, cross and uncross
Elements at their smallest, breaking about particles into atoms,
Atoms into protons,
Still, dear reader, where is desire’s essence?

Dear reader, where is god in these neutrons?
Inside fermions, below quarks?

Who do we spare dear
Reader when we dance?

Who moves? Dear
Reader who stands still?

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