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By Claire Scott

I want to lodge a complaint

it is being notarized as we speak

you promised to count the hairs on our heads

although I can’t imagine why you would bother

surely there are better ways to spend your time

what of a family living under layers of cardboard

rain washed, wet clothes, constant cough

or a mother stealing insulin for her son

shaking and sweating, thimble heart racing

or people walking lockstep with cancer

unable to pull ahead


If you really want to count hairs it’s OK by me

after all you are the Big Man

but the fine print assumes we will have hair to count

nothing was said about our hair falling out

from weekly infusions that kill harmful cells

but also heaps of healthy ones, leaving us

listless, nauseous, anemic & fog-brained

sending our daughter to school

without a peanut butter sandwich

with a dab of grape jelly & no crusts

too weak to read

Goodnight Moon

skipping pages, hoping she won’t notice

sit by us now, don’t forget those of us with no hair

wearing scarves, baseball caps and ill-fitting wigs

we are still your children

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