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By Karen Douglas

In my dream a woman

I barely know has just been told

she’s cured, can go home

with her children, who

are rifling through her purse

for left-handed, two-dollar bills.


                         I simplify:

Her cancer has come back and

I am all of these characters—

the one dying and naïve

as a child hunting rare currency.

And I am clinic staff,

an officious list maker, a self

in splinters, shards of a busted mirror,

cutting, irregular. I had thought

I was whole, organic as an eggplant,

not a brittle glass broken

at the whim of gravity.


The dream cast takes its bow,

no encore, and I leave the theater

aware of a one-time performance,

not a film to rewind, edit.

I trust the next production

to bring me news from backstage.

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