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Even Zeus must get tired of the view sometimes

By Casey Killingsworth

At some point this place was called

Olympus, home of the gods.


Everything is majestic here, even the brewery

on the other end of town.


Sometimes I forget how lucky I am, sitting here

watching mountains as if it were a career,


an executive position in a company where

workers who only talk about mountains


get to sort mail in the mailroom, but the ones who

actually look at the mountains--maybe look is


too small a word here--love mountains,

presidents’ chairs are waiting for them.


Last night on my way home I thought I saw Zeus,

but it was only the brewery owner,


who is himself a drunk. Zeus, by the way, was not

the smartest god or even the fastest or strongest;


he was only the leader, by which I mean

he watched mountains, maybe even loved them.

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