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I Would Kiss this Man

By David Sapp

I would kiss this man.

Though I’m entirely fixed

in my preferences and I’ll surely

suppress an articulation, I cannot

deny this impulse. When we avidly

debate over topics of consequence,

matters more than trivial,

on occasion, rarely but assuredly,

I would kiss this man.

Now I comprehend the custom

of more exotic locales,

a passionate greeting where

a handshake is inadequate,

the expression of affection

a necessity, anything less, a slight.

I would kiss this man,

an embrace emphatically declaring

a bond more than mere acquaintance.

When Judas smooched Jesus

in the garden (Think of it. He kissed

The Son of God on the mouth.

But Christ was so handsome.)

there was regret on his lips,

the origin of betrayal, an unrequited

infatuation, and likely, a blurred

distinction between adoration and desire.

Unequivocally, I would kiss this man.

I imagine the other apostles

and Mary Magdalene offered

a peck or two now and then.

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